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I am a game and sports enthusiast. I love Cricket the most and follow it religiously. I have played other sports like football, volleyball, badminton a few times and I also love to watch tennis (Federer is my favourite).

The Cricketer Who Taught Us To Never Give Up

For many who are passionate about Cricket and sports but are confused about choosing between education and Cricket, Misbah stands as an inspiration.
MS Dhoni

Movie Dialogues That Describe Cricketers

I have picked out dialogues from Hollywood’s 100 favourite voted dialogues by The Hollywood Reporter to describe cricketers.

What Makes Harsha Bhogle Such A Likeable Personality Among Cricket Fans?

With Harsha Bhogle, it is a rare case of getting the perfect ingredients to make a great cricket commentator, anchor and a writer. Cricket background:...

IPL 2018 – A Look At The Performances Of The Teams

This IPL version 2 after a decade was a new start with fresh auctions and 2 old teams returning. However, the results...

Chip-Enabled Bats – The Future Of Cricket

In the Champions Trophy 2017, there was an introduction of a new technology- Cricket bats with chips in them. What exactly is it? Intel has come...
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt : Interesting Facts About The World’s Fastest Athlete

His journey started with a bet over free lunch. Once twelve year old Bolt and his friend Ricardo Gedes were arguing over who was the...
Sachin Tendulkar

How Is Sachin Tendulkar Different From Any Other Cricketer?

A lot can be written about Sachin Tendulkar and how he is different from others- his natural talent, his stroke play, his longevity or...
What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?

What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?

Given the amount of physical activity that they do, cricketers normally need protein through the day to maintain their body mass and for energy...
Vivian Richards

How Do I Explain My Young Friends That Viv Richards Was As Great A...

One mistake that we normally make in Cricket is comparing players across different eras. While that may give us some idea, it is not...

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