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I write mostly about football and FC Barcelona. Regarding football, I am heavily opinionated towards certain obvious entities and viewpoints and don’t really bother about being politically correct.
El Clasico

El Clasico At Home. La Liga Matchday 36 – Super Quick Review.

Crazy, crazy, crazy match. Was totally worth damaging the sleep and watching it with my brother xD. This should serve as a quickfire and...
Lord Douglas

Barcelona’s Worst Signing Of All Time

Lord Douglas is a joke. For me the best ever. (my homage to Rooney’s epic Messi tweet from back in 2012) I’ve seen my share of...
Iniesta Replacement

Iniesta Replacement And Bigger Issues With Barca’s Midfield Bench

My view on Iniesta replacement and will talk about some bigger issues with the Club’s midfield bench, since they are closely interlinked. To put it...
Andres Iniesta

Don’t Cry Because It’s Over. Smile Because It Happened.

So the moment has passed. Andres Iniesta has declared that he is leaving the club. He’s confirmed that he won’t play in Europe after...

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