Is Technology Taking Away The Fun From Cricket?

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Are you aware of the fact that the bowlers in 19th century used to bowl underarm? But with time the game has evolved especially during the last century or so.

In the 20th century not only did the bowlers start bowling overarm but many more changes were brought about which has made the game more interesting for both the players and the fans. The changes are not limited to the rules of the game of Cricket but also in the technology that started getting used for the betterment of the game.

What intrigues the cricket lovers of the yesteryears is whether these technologies like Hot Spot, Snickometer, Spider Cam, Stump camera and others are ruining the fun of the game? It was always a great thing to debate whether the LBW given was justified or the ball had pitched outside the leg stump. With technology coming into the picture, these debates and differences of thoughts have now taken a back seat.

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Before coming to any conclusion, let’s find out what these tools are all about and why were they needed.

Snickometer or Snicko is a technology with the help of which noise frequency is analyzed graphically. It is used to find out whether the ball has touched the bat before it was caught by any fielder. It is used when there is some complex catch out decision to be taken and the umpire requests the third umpire to decide.

When Snicko was not found to be precise another technology Hot Spot was introduced where infra-red light points out where the ball has actually touched the bat or pad before it was caught. For this technology to work there are different cameras fitted. Then came Ultra-Edge. This was one notch up when it came to accuracy of detecting and differentiating the sounds created by the ball. Ultra-Edge can tell you with more precision whether the sound was generated due to the ball hitting the bat, pads or any part of the clothing.

Hawk eye - a ball-tracking technology

Another common technology in use is Hawk eye, a ball-tracking technology that shows where the ball has been pitched, location of the batsman leg and reaction thereto. It is a great tool and helps in taking decision in LBW appeals.

Apart from these, PitchVision is a technology which is being used during training a cricketer where it analyzes the game and provides feedback on the performances of cricketers.

While the technology has evolved the game for the better still one cannot help but wonder if technology is taking away the fun from cricket?

In one sense game is for fun. When you watch any sports you do not do that for calculative reason but to enjoy players playing. With these technologies, there will be accurate results, no player will be given out until and unless they are, but then weren’t these part of the game, and people loved these mistakes too! Are we making the umpire’s job on the field redundant? Where do we draw the line?

Technology is helping mankind in everything, so it is doing the same in cricket too, but introducing too much of it in the game may make the game robotic. I think it must be used till the fun of cricket is still there.

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