What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?

What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?

Given the amount of physical activity that they do, cricketers normally need protein through the day to maintain their body mass and for energy they need carbohydrates.

Most of the cricketers are diet conscious and they include wholegrains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, salads, fish and chicken in their diet.

Breakfasts are generally heavy and lunches are light. Some cricketers also take 2–3 glasses of milkshakes for breakfast and energy drinks through the day.

Following is a typical menu of cricketers during IPL at the Trident in Mumbai [1] :

Menu - What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?

During the Ashes in 2013, there was a leaked 82-page document which revealed the diet plan of England cricketers. [2]

It mainly focused on fruits, nuts, probiotic yogurts, vegetables, salads, sweet potatoes and sushi.

Indian cricketers and their diet: [3]

Following is the main diet of some Indian cricketers-

Kohli – Mainly Fish, salads and lamb.

Rohit – A high protein, low carb diet. He also had only boiled eggs for a fortnight to lose weight.

Yuvraj – Cereals, fruits, eggs, chicken and milk

Dhoni – Porridge, cereals, nuts, fruit juices in breakfast and chapattis with lentils or chicken in lunch.

Virat Kohli - What Do Cricketers Eat And Drink?

Kohli is so strict about his diet that once he was craving taste so bad he said that he felt like eating bedsheets! Just goes on to show being an international sportsperson is no easy task.



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